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Book | Leafy House Plants


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Reissue of the botanical encyclopedia Zimmerblattpflanzen by Udo Dammer (1899)

Concept and design: Benjamin Wurster
Format: 160 x 240 mm
Volume: 224 pages
Language: English + German
Cover: softcover with book flaps
ISBN: 978-3-948440-15-2

The book has been published by Slanted Publishers in November 2020.

More information about the project on Kickstarter.

Leafy House Plants

Nature is one of the most multi-faceted sources of inspiration that exist on our planet: endlessly complex yet simple, exciting and unique but also calming and unpretentious. How incredible — that there is a way we can bring a piece of this into our own four walls.

Leafy House Plants is the new edition of Udo Dammer’s botanical encyclopedia Zimmerblatt­pflan­zen from 1899, a handbook for the cultivation and care of houseplants and at the same time a well designed, modern illustrated volume that is fun to leaf through and look at. 

Leafy House Plants includes all the original 1899 texts and pictures, as well as a comprehensive introduction to the whole project with thoughts on plants, art, and inspiration. The heart of the book is made up of 46 beautifully detailed plant illustrations from the original publication. These as well as other original content are supplemented by an overview of all plant names and miniatures of the original book pages.

Step in and be inspired!

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